Nora West Palm Beach

Nora, a place that celebrates the real, the rare & the wonderful.

Nora will have 55,000 square feet of boutique office available in Phase I and serve as a home to west palm's most creative and entrepreneurial minds. The Nora District will feature a thoughtfully curated selection of hospitality, lifestyle retail, health & wellness, and a dynamic public realm. This unparalleled amenity set distinguishes Nora as the place to set down roots in West Palm.

Project Overview

Project Overview

A thoughtfully masterplanned mixed-use district featuring hand selected tenants along north railroad avenue.

  1. Streetscape beautification, infrastructure upgrades, and the creation of a dynamic public realm on North Railroad Avenue
  2. The adaptive reuse and development of over 150,000 square feet of commercial space along North Railroad Avenue
  3. Ground-up development of 1.9M SF of residential, office, and hotel with ground floor retail between 10th Street and Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard
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Nora is the north star of West Palm’s Downtown. It’s centrally located with easy access to the best of the Palm Beaches. As a flagship project, it exemplifies NDT’s commitment to operating at the Intersection of Real Estate and Hospitality.

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A Distinct Amenity Set for West Palm

Unlike any other amenity set in the West Palm Market, Nora blends grit and grace to provide a compelling experience for the burgeoning West Palm Community.

  • A Vibrant Avenue Rooted In Hospitality
  • A Private Social Club
  • Boutique Retail & Fitness
  • Public Art & Linear Park

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