South Ocean Boulevard Condominium Report

South Ocean Boulevard Condominium Report

  • Scott Gordon
  • 12/13/22

Unravelling the South Ocean Boulevard Condo Market with Scott Gordon


Scott Gordon is one of Palm Beach’s Leading Luxury Condominium Specialists. He continues to be an industry leader specializing in the sales of South Ocean Condos on Palm Beach.

Scott’s success is achieved through strategic marketing, unparalleled product knowledge and the very highest level of white-glove customer service.

South Ocean Boulevard offers some of the most luxurious oceanfront condos in Palm Beach. Featuring stunning views, spacious floor plans and exceptional amenities, these properties have been a popular choice for luxury buyers.

Scott leverages his unique understanding of the South Ocean Boulevard condo market and his strong network of buyers to identify the perfect property for buyers. Whether it’s a full-floor penthouse, a beachfront high-rise or a private island residence, he has the experience and knowledge to ensure that buyers get exactly what they are looking.


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South Ocean Boulevard Condominium Report

Presented by Scott Gordon


2021 Stats

Total Sales Per RAPB MLS

$2M to $3.9M

$1M to $2M

$500K to $1M

Up to $500k

Units Closed

44 Sold

82 Sold

126 Sold

273 Sold

Average Sale Price

$2,522,716 - $899.10 psf

$1,393,839 - $634.15 psf

$712,954 - $420.56 psf

$302,704 - $266.94 psf




2022 Stats

Total Sales Per RAPB MLS


$2M to $3.9M

$1M to $2M

$500k to $1M

Up to $500k

Units Closed

15 Sold

39 Sold

48 Sold

93 Sold

124 Sold

Average Sale Price

$6,022,123 - $1,596.49 psf

$2,672,582 - $1,097.07 psf

$1,429,105 - $721.39 psf

$688,026 - $482.57 psf

$346,033 - $341.49 psf



The Takeaway:

  • Condominium prices remain strong on Palm Beach
  • Although a smaller number of units sold in 2022, they did so at higher prices at an average of 23% or higher
  • MORE condominiums sold above $4M in 2022


Work with Scott Gordon to learn how he can transform your home buying or selling experience in ways you did not think possible.

Scott prides himself on taking the time to understand his clients and is dedicated to achieving their real estate goals. With his knowledge and expertise in the South Ocean Condo market, buyers can trust they will get the perfect property for their needs.


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