The Perks of Buying Palm Beach Real Estate

The Perks of Buying Palm Beach Real Estate

  • Scott Gordon
  • 09/1/19

When people think of the Palm Beach area, they believe that it is just a travel and tourist destination. However, Palm Beach is also a great place to live. There are many benefits to owning/buying Palm Beach real estate. You are almost always just a short walk or drive to the beach, surrounded by great restaurants, and it is impossible to escape the incredible weather we have almost all year round. Palm Beach has everything you could ever want.


Sports and Entertainment

Palm Beach is a magnet for big sports and entertainment events. Although Palm Beach does not have any sports teams of its own, Miami is only a short drive away. In Miami, you have perennial NBA powerhouse Miami Heat, for the football fanatics there are the up-and-coming Dolphins who just made their first playoffs since 2008, and for all the baseball fans we have the Marlins. Miami has hosted the Superbowl 11 out of the 51 past Super Bowls, with it hosting the event again in 2020. Miami is also a very international market. On July 29th Real Madrid and Barcelona will face off at Hardrock stadium. This match between these two teams will be talked about globally as they are arguably the two most popular teams in the world. The entertainment is not only related to sports either. Just about every major music tour makes several stops in South Florida and more specifically in Palm Beach. Anyone from pop icon Katy Perry, to rap mogul Drake, all the way to older classics such as Stevie Wonder and Billy Joel all make stops here. Entertainment is one of the reasons owning a piece of Palm Beach Real Estate is beneficial.


Palm Beach is one of the most relaxing places in America. With the numerous beaches to choose from, to the almost endless amount of golf courses, there is something for everyone. Palm Beach is home to some of the nicest beaches and resorts in the nation. Some of these world-renowned resorts offer memberships to their exclusive beach clubs. Look no further than the Boca Beach Club. The Boca Beach Club is a Waldorf Astoria, owned and operated resort, providing the best service while you lounge out on the sunny Palm Beach beaches. If sitting around on the beach is not your thing then Palm Beach has scores of golf courses for you to choose from. One of the PGA Tour events, the Honda Classic takes place here. With private and public courses scattered throughout Palm Beach, a relaxing 18 is never far away.


Some people assume Palm Beach is boring at night because there are a good number of older residents who live here. This could not be farther from the truth, however. In Palm Beach, there are numerous things to do at night. In one area known as Delray, the main street is called Atlantic Avenue. USA Today recently published a list of the “Top 10 Greatest Shopping Streets in America.” The Ave has many great restaurants such as Vic & Angelos, Cut 432, and Cabana just to name a few. The Ave also has a very hopping bar scene at night. You can go to various places such as El Camino, The Office, or Salt 7 and see a packed crowd. Atlantic Ave is not the only place to take in Palm Beach's nightlife. Clematis Street located in West Palm Beach is similar to the Ave but offers its own unique variety of restaurants and nightlife activities. Lynora’s, Jardin, and Avocado Grill are just a few of the staple restaurants on Clematis Street. Some of the best bars and clubs on Clematis include O’Shea’s Irish Pub and Sketch Lounge. The nightlife is always great, so it doesn’t matter where you buy real estate in Palm Beach.


Miscellaneous Benefits Of Buying Palm Beach Real Estate

The benefits of owning Palm Beach real estate are not always right on the surface of things you just would not think of. There are certain things about living here that you will only know once you live here. One of the benefits of having real estate in Palm Beach is that you see famous people or very well-known people often. Many professional athletes have houses down here in Palm Beach. Celebrities from all across the spectrum live here as well. Some of the athletes include Jason Pierre-Paul, Chris Evert, Rory McElroy, and Michael Jordan. Celebrities outside of the sports world include pop sensation Ariana Grande, Jack Nicklaus, and Howard Stern. Even Bruce Springsteen and Bill Gates have seasonal homes here in Palm Beach. Another benefit of Palm Beach has to do with a rule that involves the entire state. One of the lesser-known facts about Florida is that is only one of seven states without a state income tax. So if you are looking to find work, Florida is a great place to be.

No matter where you buy, the benefits of Palm Beach Real Estate are endless.

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