The Ellies 2023: A Complete List of Douglas Elliman’s Florida Award-Winning Agents

The Ellies 2023: A Complete List of Douglas Elliman’s Florida Award-Winning Agents

  • Scott Gordon
  • 03/9/23

The Ellies 2023: A Complete List of Douglas Elliman’s Florida Award-Winning Agents


“We would like to thank all of our clients that helped make 2022 a great success."


Douglas Elliman has announced their 2023 Ellie Awards, which celebrates its top brokers and teams by gross commission income, volume and team size by region. We are honored that the Scott Gordon Group was as one of the firm’s Top Team by gross commission income and volume.


This National Award is presented to the top 25 teams (by size) by sales volume for the entire company nationwide.


“No matter the market, the region or the challenges we face as an industry, Douglas Elliman agents never fail to rise to the occasion and exceed expectations,” said Howard M. Lorber, Executive Chairman of Douglas Elliman. “Year after year, their tenacity and tireless determination inspires all of us in the company to achieve greater results.”


“As an agent-driven brokerage with a commitment to continuous improvement and innovation, we are innately focused on the next thing, the next deal, the next move,” said Scott Durkin, President and Chief Executive Officer of Douglas Elliman Realty. “The Ellies remind us how important it is to look back, take stock and heartily celebrate all we’ve accomplished together.”



Following is the complete list of award-winning agents and teams, as well as Rookie of the Year honorees, in Douglas Elliman Florida markets.



“I am honored to celebrate the tremendous success our agents have accomplished this year, and I’m incredibly proud of their extreme dedication that has earned numerous record breaking achievements in 2022,” said Jay Phillip Parker, CEO of Douglas Elliman Florida. “I look forward to supporting the growth and 2023 goals each of our agents look to accomplish this year.” 


Florida Sales – Awards by GCI

The Top 10 Teams for Florida by Gross Commission Income (GCI) were led by the Teixeira Team (#1), followed by the Leavitt McIntosh Team (#2), Bill and Bryan Team (#3), David Siddons Group (#4), The Senada Adžem Team (#5), The Wands Team (#6), The Randy & Nick Team (#7), The Goihman Group (#8), The Scott Gordon Team (#9) and Vecchi + Stoka Group (#10).

The Top 10 Agents for Florida by GCI were led by Dina Goldentayer (#1), based out of Miami Beach. She was followed by Gary Pohrer (#2), Matthias Fretz (#3), Maria Mendelsohn (#4), Lourdes Alatriste (#5), Miltiadis Kastanis (#6), Devin Kay (#7), Keith Aronoff (#8), Cyril Matz (#9) and Rochelle LeCavalier (#10).


Florida Sales – Awards by Volume

The Top 10 Teams by Volume were led by the Teixeira Team (#1), followed by Leavitt McIntosh Team (#2), Vecchi + Stoka Group (#3), Bill and Bryan Team (#4), David Siddons Group (#5), The Senada Adzem Team (#6), The Randy & Nick Team (#7), The Wands Team (#8), The Goihman Group (#9) and The Scott Gordon Team (#10).

The Top 10 Individuals by Volume were led by Dina Goldentayer (#1), followed by Gary Pohrer (#2), Lourdes Alatriste (#3), Susan Trevisa (#4), Ishmael Perez (#5), Rochelle LeCavalier (#6), Miltiadis Kastanis (#7), Sari Libbin Shapiro (#8), Charlotte Maietto (#9) and Cari Cascio (#10).


Florida – Billion Dollar Club  

The Billion Dollar Club, recognizing teams that garnered over $1 billion in national sales in 2022, was presented to The Eklund | Gomes Team, which included significant transactions in Florida.


Florida – National Awards by GCI

The National Award, presented to the top 25 individuals and teams by GCI for the entire company nationwide for Mega Teams went to The Eklund | Gomes Team (#1); For Medium Teams went to Teixeira Team (#1), Leavitt McIntosh Team (#2), David Siddons Group (#6), Senada Adžem Team (#9) and The Wands Team (#15); For Small Teams it went to the Bill and Bryan Team (#3). For individuals it went to Dina Goldentayer (#1), Gary Pohrer (#2), Matthias Fretz (#4), Maria Mendelsohn (#6), Lourdes Alatriste (#7), Miltiadis Kastanis (#11), Devin Kay (#13), Cyril Matz (#16), Rochelle LeCavalier (#17), Pablo Alfaro (#18), Charlotte Maietto (#20), Lana Bell (#21), Samantha Curry (#24), Ann Cusa (#24) and Martha Jolicoeur (#25)


Florida – Rookie of the Year

Shakira Sanchez, based out of Coral Gables, received Florida’s Rookie of the Year award.


Florida – Pinnacle Club Awards 

The prestigious Pinnacle Club Award, presented to agents and teams who made over $1 million in 2021, honored many Florida recipients: The Senada Adzem Team, Lourdes Alatriste, Pablo Alfaro, Keith Aronoff, Lana Bell, Jaclyn Bild, Bill and Bryan Team, The Bloom Haym Group, The Bretzlaff Group, Vanesa Carpignano Group, Cari Cascio, Ruchel Coetzee, The Cronican Group, Samantha Curry, Ann Cusa, DMK Group, Kayce Driscoll, Daniel Ekerold, Tinka Ellington Group, Philip C. Freedman, Matthias Fretz, Tracy Galya, The Goihman Group, Golan Group Miami, Dina Goldentayer, The Scott Gordon Team, Brett Harris, Bonnie Heatzig, Niki Higgins, Martha Jolicoeur, Julie Jones, Miltiadis Kastanis, Devin Kay, KMF | JMF Group, Leavitt McIntosh Team, Rochelle LeCavalier, The Light Group, Oliver Lloyd, Charlotte Maietto, Cyril Matz, Cara McClure, Joshua McPherson, Maria Mendelsohn, Dustin Nero, Alison Newton, Ann Nortmann, Derek Olsen, Ishmael Perez, Gary Pohrer, The Randy & Nick Team, John Reynolds, Sanclemente Group, Dave Shalkop, Mark Shannon, Sari Libbin Shapiro, David Siddons Group, The Skotak Group, Solis Chirino Group, Darin Tansey, Teixeira Team, Susan Trevisa, Vecchi + Stoka Group, Ignacio Villanueva, The Wands Team and Lisa Wilkinson.

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