The Golden Rule in Our Code of Ethics

The Golden Rule in Our Code of Ethics

  • Scott Gordon
  • 08/8/22
Here’s a question for all my Realtor Friends…

What would you do if this happened to you?


5 days before your listing expires you show your listing with another agent and their client. You do everything possible to provide information and solutions to the other agent and their client to help them decide about purchasing the property. You follow up with the other agent. The day after the listing expires the property is re-listed with the other agent’s partner. 5 days after that the property goes under contract with the same agent and the same buyer you worked with.


If you were the other agent would you have…


A. Communicated with the agent that showed you the property and let them know that the client still had an interest in purchasing it and you would protect them even though it was no longer your listing and share the commission.

B. Cut out the other agent you originally saw the property with from the sale.

C. Feel no obligation to speak with the other agent or if you did, tell them it was bad timing and you didn’t feel they were due any compensation.

D. Offer a small referral fee to the other agent.


Our business is a very competitive one and sometimes we can get ahead of ourselves with our success. We are guided by the Golden Rule in our Code of Ethics “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.



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